Group Coaching

Circle is a 90 day mens group coaching program that helps men uncover their purpose and direction, to live their highest potential.


1-on-1 Coaching

Fast Track is 90 day 1-on-1 coaching program that helps men uncover their purpose and direction, with more guidance and support.


"I recently attended an event facilitated by Soleiman, and it was a fascinating and enriching experience.

The event was intimate, with a small group of other participants that created a close-knit and supportive environment. From the moment we arrived, Soleiman's warm and welcoming demeanor made everyone feel immediately comfortable and safe.

He masterfully crafted an evening that allowed us to explore and deepen our understanding of sexuality and intimacy in a respectful and open manner."

Jeff H.

"Soleiman's passion to share his knowledge shows through well thought out and organized workshops that find you able to disconnect from everyday life and become present and connected to yourself and those you are sharing the space with.

I recommend partaking in one of Soleiman's offerings, whether it is a workshop he is offering or coaching, you will discover the energy in your life aligning."

Richard K.

Soleiman has a gift for creating spaces where individuals feel comfortable to encounter themselves in ways that may otherwise feel intimidating.

His decades of experience in Neo Tantra come through in his openness and willingness to embody his fullest self. This puts those around him at ease and enables them to explore their own depths.

He creates tangibly charged containers, even in moments of complete silence. His students trust his guidance because they can sense that it comes from his heart.