Hi, my name is Soleiman

My mission is to support men in discovering and fulfilling their true purpose and direction in life. In today's fast-paced world, it is essential for men to move beyond merely thinking through life’s challenges and instead, embrace a more embodied and mindful approach to living.

To this end, I am excited to offer group and personalized one-on-one coaching for men who are seeking guidance, support, and a deeper connection to their authentic selves. My coaching is designed to help men navigate their personal and professional journeys with greater clarity, confidence, and intention.

My journey to getting here has been one of many ups and downs. This life experience of finding oneself takes time, commitment and guides/mentors along the way.

I am grateful to my teachers who have supported me to get here. I have studied with my many masters and teachers, in Personal Growth, Psychology, Tantra, Tao, Sacred Sexuality, Mens Work, NLP, Somatica, and much more.

It is a privilege to now give back as a guide and mentor for others. I look forward to guiding you, and being a support on your journey.

I look forward to supporting you and seeing you flourish as a man in our society bringing respect, care, and love to those around you.

"I love seeing the aha in those I work with."